5 Books I Meant to Read in 2020

Hi friends!!! Today I have the five books I meant to read in 2020 but never got around to.

Top Five Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan Reads. I can’t wait for the February topics, I love these topics because they give me ideas for what to post, beyond gushing over my cherished, beloved TBR :’)

Me and my TBR have such a loving relationship I can’t help but TALK ABOUT HER ❀

Goodreads // Shannon Hale // 383 Pages // Pub 2005 // YA Fantasy

The Goose Girl

The Good Girl is about a princess named Ani who understands how to speak bird but despite this accomplishment feels awkward around human beings. Her only friend is her lady-in-waiting who betrays her and ANI’S TOO AWKWARD TO EXPLAIN TO ANYONE THAT SHE NEEDS HELP!!!! :’)

But because Ani knows Bird Language she becomes a goose farmer and goose farming helps her fix her problems.

I read this in high school for book club and fell in love!!! Last year I wanted to return to the universe (and finally finish the series!!!!!!) but I failed.

I’m happy to announce it’s on hold at the library and I’m going to immerse myself in the series, forget I’m an adult who cried herself to sleep last night, and write you a detailed *emotional* review πŸ™‚

Unless the book’s terrible for present me and I give up

Goodreads // John Gwynne // 480 Pages // Pub 2018 // High Fantasy

A Time of Dread (Of Blood and Bone, #1)

Robin Hobb says this book reminds her of why she loves fantasy!!!!

That makes me want to read the book so so badly because Robin Hobb wrote Assassin’s Apprentice!!!!!!one of my favorite series

(I need to write my review for Assassin’s Apprentice and explain how it could have been SO MUCH BETTER IF THE AUTHOR WOULD HAVE LEFT OUT ROMANCE)

A Time of Dread is about angels and demons, some of my favorite fantasy characters ❀ I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews so I’m thinking this will be a new favorite πŸ™‚

Goodreads // Sally Thorne // 387 Pages // Pub 2016 // Contemporary Romance

The Hating Game

This book is about Lucy and Joshua, who work at the same HR building and despise one another.

When a new promotion comes up, their competition soars to brand new heights.

I love Sally Thorne’s other book 99 Percent Mine and everyone says The Hating Game is even better.

The sad thing is I used to own this book and traded it for Percy Jackson. But it’s now on hold so I can have another change in 2021!!

Goodreads // Susanna Clarke// 250 Pages // Pub 2020 // Mystery Fantasy


Piranesi’s house has an ocean trapped inside??? And exploring his house is his lifetime mission?

The plot confuses me but hopefully reading it won’t be as confusing.

I’m currently reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and it’s AMAZING so far. One of the most underrated books I’ve come across in all my days

Susanna Clarke’s writing style dense but leaps off the page, it reminds me of Charles Dickens & I’ve never seen anyone have a style like his!!!!!!

Goodreads // Sarah Rees Brennan // 368 Pages // Pub 2020 // YA Contemporary

Fence: Striking Distance

I READ THE FIRST COMIC FOR THIS UNIVERSE (by CS Pacat and Johanna The Mad) AND IT WAS SO SO GOOD. This universe paired with Sarah Rees Brennan’s writing???? I’m rejoicing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

This story is about Nicholas Cox, a 16-year-old fencer, who just earned a place on his dream fencing team. There’s going to be a journey of friendship & found-family, my two favorite things in the world!!!!

I wish I would have read this in 2020 but the longer I wait, the more I can look forward to falling in love for the first time with the book ❀ ❀

Are there any books you didn’t get around to last year?

I personally cannot wait for Fence, it’s going to be so good!!!

9 thoughts on “5 Books I Meant to Read in 2020”

  1. Oooooooh, I guess there are many more than just 5 books that I meant to read in 2020. πŸ˜‚
    Also, I have not read The Hating Game but trading it for Percy Jackson seems like a good choice for me!
    The other books unfortunately don’t tell me anything but I hope you will get to them this year and that you will have a great time reading them. ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh!! The Hating Game is one of my favourites!! I absolutely love it, and can’t wait for the movie to come out!!
    I also read Fence: Striking Distance and even though I didn’t love Aiden, I totally love him now. The story brings a whole other dimension to the comics!!
    I hope you love them both when you get to them!! πŸ₯°

    Liked by 1 person

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